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ICANN Performance Metrics - Refreshed

ICANN is committed to being transparent, open and accountable. A key pillar for ensuring that ICANN honors those commitments is the regular reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) in an accessible, detailed and expansive manner, which also dovetails with requests made by the Community. In 2008, ICANN launched a publicly available dashboard that was accessible from the front page of the website and captured a number of metrics, allowing community members to gain a clearer understanding of ICANN’s internal operations. ICANN’s KPIs typically included: Terminated Registrar’s data, Fellowship Program numbers, number of Registrations, revenue by source, operating expenses compared to budgets, and alternative views of ICANN’s expenses; these are just a few examples. ICANN has revised its dashboards to not only provide updated reporting but to present metrics in a more user-friendly and dynamic fashion. Examples of this are: newly available performance metrics on IDN Fast Track; company-wide multiyear trending analysis; and augmented financial data.

Below is an explanation of how to read and understand the new KPI charts…(the charts below are for illustrative purposes only)

The dashboard example below contains three dynamic charts that are all related. The main chart is labeled Multiple Drill-Down in Dashboard Mode and shows a multiyear view that in future ICANN charts will be differentiated by color. Click on any yearly column and it will become highlighted with a star and slanted lines, and the data details become illustrated in the piecharts beneath - see the left chart labeled, 2005 Q1-Q2 and the bottom-right chart, 2005 Q3-Q4. When a dashboard chart is first loaded, the most recent data will be shown; this information is then refreshed each month by ICANN staff.

Illustration of dynamic charts

You may wish to note that throughout all of ICANN’s dashboards, the column highlighted with the star and slated lines indicate that the chart is dynamic and therefore there is a subset of data relating to the main image.

Illustration of dynamic charts

To access this subset of information, hover your mouse over the column and the corresponding data will become viewable in the space below. If you would like to experience how this works, click here and you will be taken to the dynamic version of these static images.

As with any upgrade, judgment was used to reformat or change data presented. We did our best to improve clarity and meaningfulness of the information with an eye towards the principles of accountability and transparency. If you are unable to find what you need, or if you have any suggestions on how to improve, we would like to hear from you; please email:

This file last modified 19-Jan-2011

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